Banking English - Preposition special Part - III

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Unnecessary prepositions

Ordered for, ask from, pity on a women, pass in the exam, investigate into, love with, pick up a quarrel, approach to a man/place, sign on the paper, benefit to a man, told to him, answer to a question, promise to a person etc.
Frequently used prepositions
Married to, write in ink, since 6 PM, fie from hunger, die of cancer, talk with a person, meet on the way, time by the watch, send to an address, good at Geography, superior to, go to Ranchi by train, full of water, come back in an hour, love for music, sick of life, break to pieces, blind of one-eye, climb a tree/wall
Now let us see some classical common error question pertaining to ‘preposition’, often asked in our exams. There are certain errors in the following sentences. The error part of the sentence has been underlined and the correction is given thereafter:-
1.     Kundan was finally admitted in the sixth class.
Ans – ‘to’ will be used.
2.     Rakesh Roshan has six fingers in his right hand.
Ans – ‘on’ will be used.
3.     My wife resembles with my mother-in-law.
Ans – ‘with’ has to be omitted.
4.  I enquired from Rakesh if he could lend me his music system.
Ans – ‘of’ will be used.
5. I will leave no stone unturned to come up to your expectations.
Ans – No error
6.     It was only a pretext for delay the discussion.
Ans – ‘delaying’ will be used.
7.     He is averse to play cards during office working hours.
Ans – ‘playing’ will be used.
8.     After having finished my home work, I went home.
Ans‘after’ is unnecessary.
9.   Consequent to this letter, the management of the company filed a suit against Director for defamation.
Ans – ‘upon’ will be used.
10. He has retired into business.
Ans – ‘from’ will be used.
11. He has retired from private life.
Ans – ‘into’ will be used.
12. Judged with its results the policy of divide and rule was very much successful.
Ans – ‘by’ will be used.
13. Do not worry; we all are accountable with God.
Ans – ‘to’ will be used.
14.  Being threatened, he was beaten vociferously.
Ans – ‘besides’ will be used.
15. The director is evidently enamoured with the theme of the movie.
Ans – ‘of’ will be used.
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